【FUN Sustainability】Environmental protection and green living housing project

On April 22nd of this year, the 53rd anniversary of Earth Day, the Earth Day headquarters announced the theme for the year 2023: "Invest in our planet." This theme encourages people on Earth to take practical actions to protect the planet and make the world a better place. Courtyard Taipei, focusing on sustainable travel, has launched the "Green Eco-Living" accommodation project, inviting you to join as an energy-saving and carbon-reducing green traveler, and to love the Earth more as you explore!
The LeoFoo Tourism Group has been deeply committed to environmental sustainability and is aware of global ESG trends. In addition to developing sustainable tourism, the group encourages carbon reduction in travel. Courtyard Taipei practices energy-saving measures by using LED light bulbs, water-saving devices, and cultivating the concept of reducing food waste throughout the entire restaurant. They also use traceable ingredients, actively practicing a green lifestyle.

Sales period: 2023.04.17~2024.06.30
Check-in period: 2023.04.17~2024.06.30

Deluxe Room with one king-size bed for one night NT$5,000
The price already includes service charges and taxes.

Item content:
- Deluxe Room with one king-size bed for one night
- Bathing supplies are provided during the stay
- Daily room cleaning services and bed making during the stay
- Free parking in the special parking lot during the stay, unlimited use of the gym

Book a room immediately or call the reservation hotline: 02.6615.6560

Reservation email : cy.reservation@courtyardtaipei.com


(1) Towels and bed sheets will not be replaced during the extended stay
(2) No disposable consumables provided (toothbrush, toothpaste, slippers, shower cap, bathrobe, comb, Dressing set (cotton ball + cotton swab + nail file), razor, shaving cream, lotion, sewing kit, shoe shine cloth, etc.). Please change to other projects if you need them.
(3) Charges for room type upgrades and extra bed charges are based on on-site standards.
(4) Definition of weekdays: Sunday to Thursday, definition of holidays: extra charge of NT$600 for Fridays, Saturdays and national holidays, Cycle show (3/5- 3/9), Computex show(6/3-6/7)

Reservation hotline: 02.6615.6560
Reservation email : cy.reservation@courtyardtaipei.com