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The Taipei Music Center (TMC) is a multifaceted compound that brings together music and lifestyle. It is situated in the Nangang District in Taipei City and comprises three distinctively designed buildings as well as a vast outdoor performance space.

The TMC takes on the mantle of promoting Taiwan's music industry. By leveraging its distinct buildings and spaces, the TMC strives to fulfill a range of endeavors including holding music and cultural exhibitions, cultivating talents, fostering industry development, and documenting the culture. Amid the rapid innovation in information and technology, the TMC endeavors to introduce Taiwan's rich music scene to the global audience, while embracing a forward-looking and international perspective, creating a prominent platform of music.

The TMC unite music enthusiasts from all walks of life, fostering a stage for music professionals to showcase their potential. We also curate an unparalleled experience for music lovers, embodying our philosophy -Music is Life; Livie in Music, and strive to become the Heart of Taiwan's Music Industry.

TMC permanent exhibition "

The permanent exhibition " MUSIC ISLAND STORIES " located at the Cultural Center presents the history of Taiwanese music through exhibits, songs, and speakers. From portable radios to color televisions, and from album production analysis to concert experience zones, whether you enjoy mainstream pop music or independent music, music enthusiasts will undoubtedly resonate with the exhibition. Moreover, the well-designed exhibition areas are perfect for capturing photos.


The newly opened section of the permanent exhibition, "Hip-Hop Milestones: Taiwan Hip-Hop Exhibition," debuted on December 5, 2023. In an era dominated by love songs, the "L.A. Boyz," a group from California, USA, introduced an unprecedented style, igniting a 30-year wave of hip-hop and gradually becoming one of the mainstream genres in the music industry. The "Hip-Hop Milestones: Taiwan Hip-Hop Exhibition" allows visitors to experience the most authentic and real moments of classic hip-hop history in Taiwan. The exhibition showcases several distinctive items representing the history of Taiwanese hip-hop, including the rare and out-of-print "Dance Secrets - Flash" videotape from L.A. Boyz, the cassette tape of "I Don't Wanna See No Aunties," which influenced many hip-hop successors, and the 18th Golden Melody Award for Best Mandarin Album won by MC HotDog's "Wake Up," along with memorabilia from Taiwan hip-hop's international tours.