Conference Offers


Our eight conference rooms are named after natural elements: Sea, Mountain, Forest, Water, Crystal, Cloud, Wind, and Light. Our theater-styled and spacious rooms have the capacity of holding 450 people, and seating can be arranged in theater style, classroom style, U-shaped, reception style, and so on. We are prepared for any kind of conference you need, and our bright rooms with french windows make your meetings relaxing and energetic, boosting efficiency and inspiration!

----Exclusive high-speed rail discounts----
Guest’s who hold wedding banquets, birthday banquets, and conferences at Courtyard by Marriott Taipei can enjoy exclusive high-speed rail discounts up to 30% off!
Courtyard Taipei is located at the Nangang Station where the four railways are located. It is convenient for you to hold large and small banquets and corporate meetings. You can use the high-speed rail group ticket to travel from south to north, which is super favorable !
• The discount of 30% off  the adult ticket can only be used with  groups with a minimum of 11 people.
• If the actual boarding amount of the group ticket is more than NT$20,000 (inclusive), NT$ 5000 vouchers for high-speed rail holidays will be given (calculated by accumulation; for every NT$ 20,000, 5 extra coupons will be given, that is, NT$ 40,000 /10 vouchers)
 • Discount Date: From now until 2023/12/28 (not applicable to high-speed rail holidays)
• High-speed rail holiday NT$ 1,000- coupons can be used within 3 months after the boarding day ends, 2023/3/27~2024 /3/31 only

Conference offers:
Half-day meeting project    
Full-day meeting project                   
form filling (personal service)

Year-end party project
Filling in the form of Year-end party project           
(personal service)

Meeting Room

  • - Rental time for conference rooms:8:00AM – 4:30PM
  • - Conference room layout - Theatre, Classroom, U-shaped, Boardroom, Cocktail Reception, Small Round Table, Banquet
  • - Conference paper, pens, stationary

Audio-Visual Equipment

  • Projector and screen, white board or presentation board, wireless microphone, laser pointer


  • Coffee or selected tea, themed refreshments


  • Chinese banquets, Western set-meals, or Buffett


  • - Flower decorations on the chairman’s table and reception table
  • - Making billboards and signs
  • - One hour free parking when reaching certain amount of consumption
  • - Discount printing services at the business center